TUDOR Watches
Client: Zee Agency/Davai Canada

Cherif season 4 ep 4-8
Directed by Akim Isker

La Grosse Commission
Directed by Julien Guiol
A movie that is easier to watch than to talk about

Directed by Thierry Alcaraz
A movie and theatre project starring Dominic Pinon

Disney Ramallah
Directed by Tamara Erde
The struggle for happiness of a child in Ramallah. A film by Tamara Erde, with Ali Suliman and Luba Aznaval

Directed by Frederic Labonde and produced by Fredaucarré
Based on the intimate narratives of childless men and women, HUMUS speaks to us of human condition, and of our view of the world as our only solace to our inescapable solitude.

Directed by Frederic Bonnet and produced by Fredaucarré
A young mother and her son live in a remote mountain location, but suddenly the war catches up with them

Les boutons dorés
Directed by Eric Borg and produced by Who’z Prod
Nice film festival – official selection 2012

Second Seuil
Directed by Loïc Nicoloff and produced by Tita Productions
Prix du Public, festival “Terre de cinéma” de Toulon 2011; Grand Prix, festival “Courts dans le vent” de Ventabren 2011; Prix Spécial du Jury, festival “Jet d’Or” à Genève 2011
Can you carry on with your life when you just lost it?

Mine de Rien
Directed by Morgann Martin and produced by Tsabana Films
What can go wrong when moving into a new apartment and the doormat becomes the source of all evils…

Directed by Steeve Calvo Client: Euro RSCG